Bruder Ophthalmic Products

Innovative products for professional and patient use.

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Discover the Bruder Difference

Bruder Healthcare manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of therapeutic products designed to help manage pain more naturally. Our product development resources are focused on providing products designed for safety, proven efficacy and convenience of use. Our commitment is to deliver quality products supported by guaranteed satisfaction and a promise of integrity. Since 1986, Bruder Healthcare has been providing safe, effective therapeutic and analgesic products for medical professionals and consumers. We are proud of our excellent reputation for innovation and for our state of the art products that are used in medical settings and homes around the world.

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Introducing Bruder Ophthalmic Products

Bruder Healthcare has partnered with a leading Ophthalmologist to develop revolutionary treatments for MGD, Dry Eye Syndrome, Styes, Chalazions and Blepharitis. Our new ophthalmic line features innovative Moist Heat Compresses and Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments.


With the Bruder Microwave Activated Compresses your patients can enjoy soothing moist heat treatments as often as needed. The reusable compresses feature MediBeads technology; they naturally and continuously absorb water molecules from the air. When microwaved they release the stored moisture in the form of clean, replenishing and soothing moist heat.

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The Bruder Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments are perfect for use in conjunction with the Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress. We offer instruments for an aggressive or mild expression.

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